You know you are adulting when priorities change from good makeup to great skincare. Of course, makeup is important, but the skincare has now become essential and it’s also significant to know which type of skincare you need for oily and dry skin. Not every time uber-expensive skin care products work on the skin. There are inexpensive ones too available in the market that gives formulas like collagen, ceramide, green tea, aloe vera, tea tree, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol.Also Read - How PCOS Affects Your Skin And Hair? Find Out.

Face wash: We got our hands on TNW -The Natural Wash’s green tree face wash. It has a modern ayurvedic formulation and is made with the richness of almond oil and vitamin C. This face wash is not suitable for oily skin, the ones who have dry to combination skin can use it twice a day. It is sulphate and paraben-free. It is priced under Rs 300. Also Read - Astringents VS Skin Toners: Which is Best For You? Shahnaz Husain Reveals

Toner: The cucumber toner is one such thing that we can’t skip. It’s refreshing and TNW – The Natural Wash’s toner has natural ingredients such as cucumber, mint, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It has an alcohol-free formula, suitable for all skin types and both – men and women can use it. The toner is also priced under Rs 300. Also Read - Wondering if You Should Include Retinol in Your Skincare Routine? Read on

Aloe Vera Gel: TNW – The Natural Wash’s aloe vera gold gel has 90% pure aloe vera and 24-carat gold leaves. The gel hydrates the skin thoroughly, soothes sunburns and moisturises extra dry skin. The gold gel also minimises open pores and can be used as a great massaging gel in your facial routine. We also used it after waxing to give a soothing and relaxing effect. The texture is very light and non-sticky, and is priced under Rs 500.

No Tint Lip Balm: Beetroot lip balm from the same brand is organic and ayurvedic. It has a salving mix of cocoa butter, jojoba oil, apricot oil and vitamin-e that treats damaged lips to keep them protected and beautifully soft. Also, Shea Butter forms the nutrient-rich base that makes a protective shield and helps to seal the moisture. The balm is amazing as it has a soft smell and moisturizes quite well. It is colourless i.e. you won’t get tint at all. It is priced under Rs 300.

Sleep Mask – Skinnovation’s Peltos Retinol sleep mask is a rich anti-ageing sleep mask that slows the process of skin ageing, increases skin elasticity and makes it firm and gives a youthful look. It prevents degradation of collagen and extracellular matrix and effectively reduces the signs of ageing. Also, the sleep mask tightens the skin and increases skin elasticity when applied overnight 30 mins prior to bedtime. It is a leave-on mask and has to be rinsed off in the morning. It is priced under Rs 2000.

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